How to understand who should identify and configure a person with autism

How to understand who should identify and configure a person with autism

“I have to review everything before leaving the house, if I deviate from a process I have to start over. If anyone interferes with me during the inspection, I’ll have to start over. I can’t escape what I think. It’s my order, fate is good for me, it also relaxes me, I don’t know if I’m depressed. I have no way to protect myself.

Decision making is my way of knowing what is needed, what comes first, what comes next, etc. How can I explain when things are bad when I can’t use them myself?

What does this autistic child tell us? He inspects and stores everything carefully and can never get out of his process. It reminds me of another autistic child who orders letter by letter. If I take a letter and put it in the “wrong” position, it will immediately put it back in the right place. Both boys said planning and reviewing things would help them stay calm and relaxed. They control themselves.

They are both terrified when things go wrong and they are not in their place. This autistic child knows he doesn’t know how to handle the process. He is obsessed with the desire for equality and order. He seems to give recognition and judgment, just as an autistic child teaches us to control and control ourselves. Babies learn self-control through the self-discipline that occurs between mother and child during attachment.

An autistic child may have incomplete attachments and simply rely on them for control. Every autistic child will find a way to control himself. After your child completes the aftercare procedure, she will learn other ways to self-monitor in consultation with the caregiver or therapist. When this happens, you will begin to feel frustrated and give up on coping strategies designed to manage stress and anxiety.

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I also think there are other phenomena that we can predict. Speaking of bad relationships, this child

1) tries to make everything look good because he doesn’t feel judged on the inside. In other words, he lives with the chaotic inner world, dissociated and inaccessible to his words (without self-realization).

2) He is able to live without fear in his words,

3) He can control injustice and let things go wrong. In this theory, spontaneity arises from self-confidence that comes from the ability to access one’s thoughts and express them.

This autistic child can examine many things.

1) provide a way to have fun, relax and control, as mentioned above, and

2) remedy imperfections, dissociate children and become “ignorant”. I just woke up ‘. He wasn’t sure he had just experienced the true result. You have no way to “test reality” by asking questions, especially if your skills are low. So you have to put it on your device to find out what happened. In the dissociated state, nothing seems stable and you are not sure if anything is going to happen at any moment.

So testing is your way to make sure everything is stable and that what you see is actually happening.

How to use autism to cure autism

Each supplement has its own unique body. So when I started working with patients to create an additional program, I started with products that covered their diet.

Dietary restrictions can be a serious problem for many people with autism. And starting with a good multivitamin and multimineral can help with other nutrients like antioxidants, zinc, calcium, and magnesium. These nutrients are good for the body and can be very necessary, especially for malnourished children. He or she will address the specific problem and recommend additional medications.

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For example, for children with anxiety disorders, additional medications such as gaba or taurine or theanine are recommended. All of these drugs help keep the brain healthy. When patients have problems with testing and follow up, it is recommended that they take additional medications such as methyl B-12 as we know.

This supplement can help with two problems: DMG or dimethylglycine. inverted
If, from the experiments I’ve done, you think yeast is a problem, or if you think you have yeast problems based on behaviors like stupidity, dizziness, stupidity, insufficiency and complacency, I think. suggests a variety of natural vaccines based on the characteristics of yeast overgrowth. Some excellent antibiotics include orange seeds, oregano oil, uba ursi, goldenseal, and garlic extract called allicin.

All of these can help alleviate some of the intestinal problems that many children have and we also know that medications that cause stomach pain can cause problems for these children.
To start adding supplements, see ‘Autism Supplements, Dr. You can do a Google search by typing’ Woeller ‘. You’ll find important links and resources to help you learn more.

You can start with a healthy meal plan and then talk about any particular problems or behaviors you notice in your baby. Eye contact, hyperactivity, and other problems like the ones I mentioned can often be treated with additional medications. Learning about additional medications can be time consuming, but we believe it is worth taking the time to understand these treatments and can help your child.