Report Writing on the Annual Sports Day Celebration of Your School [With PDF]

In this article, you will learn how to write a report on the annual sports day celebration of your school.
Suprity Acharyya
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Annual sports day at  the school

By: Suprity Acharyya

24.02.2019, School ground

This week's annual sports day was conducted in our school. It was going to be a huge program of the year. The chief guest was the ex-student of our school who has achieved Padma Shri and is settled in New York.

All the students were very much excited after all this was the time to enjoy beyond the studies. All have selected for different events and started practising and making them well and fit for the day.

All the students have taken part in those games which are their strength as well as the game that they like. The students were already divided into different houses, like Gandhi house, Nehru house, Shivaji house, and Tagore house.

Every house had different colours according to that students were provided t-shirts and flowers. On the day of the event, the chief guest came and inaugurated the program then the students started to warm up and volunteers started to set up the ground, ball, scoreboard, and other things. 

Then the sports events started athletic where the first event students started to do 100mtr, 200mtr, and 400mtr races. Then the relay race was organised, the shuttle race was also there.

Then in throwing events, discus and shotput were organised. Some students fell down while running for the medical team and a different shed was set up where they got the treatment.

Then cricket and football were organised in the biggest ground of the school chief guest was taken there and then students started playing due to scarcity of time the innings was of only four overs.

Basketball was the most interesting event of the day. Indoor games were also played and winners were decided. After that prize distribution was held position holders have given medals certificates as well as a gift too. Rest everyone received participation and volunteering certificates by the chief guest.

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It's time for sports

By: Suprity Acharyya

27.10.2019, Main Ground

It was a cool sunny morning, and it was the day for the annual sports meet in the school. All the students were getting warmed up and making themselves games ready. My school has many potential and great people who are very good at sports.

They all have participated in many different games and as it was the annual sports meet so non-sports persons were also taking part very enthusiastically. That morning after the assembly one by one all the events got started.

In the biggest ground cricket matches and football matches were held and in the other two grounds, the rest of the events were organised. In the basketball, stadium basketball was played.

The students were already divided into four groups, namely A, B, C, D. All the students started to compete with each other and the battle of winning and losing was set up. In the cricket match in boys team, team B won the tournament by 18 runs, whereas in the girl's team, Team D won the match by 2 wickets. 

The football match was the most interesting one, in fact in the middle of one match it started raining and all the students enjoyed it a lot. Indoor games were a lot of fun carrom, chess, pool, table tennis, and even ludo was there on students demand it was really fun.

Then volleyball was played and I must say that my school is having the best players in the whole area. Athletics was also a very competitive game. It included 100mtr, 200mtr, and 600mtr running, relay race, shuttle race, three leg race, javelin throw, shot put throw, discus throw, Kho-Kho, kabaddi and long jump, high jump and many more. At the end of the day, all the winners were awarded a Medal and certificates, by the principal and chief guest.

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