Autism laughing & Learning and patience in the autistic ways

Autism laughing

Children with autism have a hard time laughing, crying, and thinking about other things. Often they just don’t get it. Sometimes this upsets the parents, but there are underlying issues that need to be addressed, such as laughter.

Remember when you and your baby used to watch TV together? Surely you can laugh at the same time while watching a funny movie. There are several ways to visualize this situation.

One way is if you think your child is having as much fun as you are. You are laughing at the same time. Another way is if your child has found that he likes movies. When you laugh, they laugh too. Another way would be if they laughed at you and didn’t tell you about the movie.

It happens to friends and sometimes colleagues. Sometimes, for various reasons, we engage in unhealthy activities or workouts. They laugh and we can laugh too. Maybe it’s because you liked the game or just because you laughed. Let’s go back to our situation and replace our normal child with our autistic child.

When you come to a fun time, you smile, but the guy doesn’t. Some questions arise. If you think they’re funny or, more specifically, not funny, you can be. Another question would be why they don’t laugh when you laugh. They may not know that you are smiling.

Of all these questions, perhaps the most important question is why children with autism don’t laugh, cry, or express other feelings when their parents laugh. Many parents believe this is part of their children’s inability to impress others.

They may not see the world or even television like we do. They may not understand that we are following a television story or even something funny. Finally, they will not laugh when their parents laugh because they are surprised to laugh alone when their parents laugh. It doesn’t matter if it’s such a show. They just don’t connect.

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It can convey understanding or feelings to a child with a mental illness. Part of the process is to “catch” the baby’s smile and carefully review the situation. When they know they’re waiting for you or they’re laughing, they’ll do it again.

Learning and patience in the autistic ways

Understanding how mentally ill children learn is important in teaching them with the same energy that you teach other children. It may seem like a simple idea, but children with autism learn so differently that understanding autism itself is important when teaching.

By knowing about disability, educators can learn to care for themselves and adults in and out of the classroom, creating a world where everyone can relate.

Autistic children often need to see. Therefore, oral instruction may not be as effective. Teachers need to combine pictures and words so that the autistic child can understand the lesson. For example, if you are teaching animals around the world, you should have a card with the word “mouse”, speak it slowly and clearly, and give your child a card with the image of a mouse.

Maybe I’ll bring the rat to life and tell you about it. It will be easier to teach names to mentally ill children because the information is necessary and may be more difficult to explain. If you are teaching words like “side” and “top”, you need to perform those actions when teaching the words.

Also, due to their visual acuity, they often don’t follow long sentences. They cannot make regular and confusing decisions. Therefore, jotting down information can be helpful when reviewing tests or questions.

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Depending on curiosity, children with autism can often think of certain objects or images. If this happens, try adding supplies or incorporating them into your lesson plan. If your child likes airplanes, he tries to use them as a visual aid whenever possible during the lesson.

For example, do a word problem on a plane that your child likes when he is teaching math. They also enjoy playing or making music, creating art, and demonstrating the above skills with instruments or sounds. Reserve time during the day for activities and activities that the children enjoy.

Children with autism may have difficulty writing because they control their hands and move. It was a disappointment for the boy and the teacher. To reduce stress, ask your child to use a computer. Your child will have a hard time remembering what he has typed recently, so if you can, he will check the keyboard and take a closer look.

When you go out of your way to teach a child with a mental illness, you are not only giving them the best life possible, but you are also setting a good example for the other children in your class.

Don’t let your autistic child interrupt others’ learning and include your quirks in the classroom whenever possible. Creating a fair classroom is one of the best gifts you can give this child.

I want children to know about autism.

When children do not listen to us or when we ask them to do something, we often get the impression that they do not do it because they have not done it. they don’t need it.This isn’t always the case for children with special needs, such as those on the autism spectrum. In fact, he often gets it wrong.

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The problem isn’t that they don’t want it, it’s that they can’t. Like it or not, they just can’t do it. It may seem too easy for us and too easy for other children, but it may seem to an autistic child that you are asking him to fly to the moon.

Be sure to consider your child’s abilities, whether or not he has special needs. Some children can’t do anything, while others can’t do anything. They can try with all their might, but it won’t happen. Simple tasks, such as potty training, can be beyond the capabilities of a child with a mental illness.

They can try and they really will, but their needs change and they can’t. Most of the time, you find that your bladder is full. However, if you add confusion or hearing problems, it won’t translate your thoughts the same way and you can still get wet with the result. That’s not what they want to do.

Yes, we all want something dry and comfortable, and in fact, back pain sufferers will want it more than we do. It is a problem they cannot solve due to the problems they face.

Each child needs special attention and care, and each child will learn in their own way and in their own time. It is important to remember that with every child there will be things they cannot do.

It is not a question of will, it is a question of impossibility, and it is our responsibility as parents to understand, differentiate and celebrate our children because they cannot help but punish them for them. . what they can do