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Write a Newspaper Report on the Farewell Ceremony of a Teacher of Your School

Written By Suprity Acharyya

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Hello readers, today we will be going to cover a newspaper report on a farewell ceremony of a teacher of your school. For your better understanding, I will discuss two reports at the same time.

So let’s dive in one by one!

This Report Writing is Formatted for Class 9, 10, 11, and 12
feature image of farewell ceremony of a school teacher

Report 1


Date: 15th April 2019

By: Suprity Acharyya

It was 16th April 2019, Thursday on Bal Mandir Senior Secondary School the farewell party of Mrs. Shilpa Dey was organized. All the students and teachers were asked to report to the school auditorium at 11:00 am. The school auditorium was beautifully decorated but there were somewhere the waves of emotions clinging everyone.

The farewell event was organized by the class 10th students of the school. They made all the arrangements which include proper sitting arrangements for the students and the teachers, conduction of a small event, decoration of the auditorium, etc.

Firstly, Mrs. Shilpa Dey ma’am was given a warm welcome with a floral bouquet by the principal of the school. The function started with a chorus opening song with stabilized a beautiful essence in the atmosphere.

Then the principal of the school was called on the dice to say a few words, his speech was all based you how lucky he was of getting Mrs. Dey for 30 years as a regular and respected teacher of the school, how she endured giving all hers to make her students shine, how she stayed in the school even after getting job opportunities in different schools, he ended his speech saying that the school will miss her contributions.

The mike was then handed over to Mrs. Dey she before saying anything busted on with tears as she can’t believe the fact that this is her last day of school and she is going be retired.

She regarded the school to be her home and the students being the family members. Later, students and teachers of different departments sportingly shared their view about Mrs. Dey, how much they love her.

Mrs. Dey arranged cakes and biscuits for the students and like this, the event ended with an emotional note.

Report 2


Date: 21th May 2019

By: Suprity Acharyya

It was 20th May 2019, Friday at St. Xaviers English Medium School, Kishangnj it was the last day of Miss Sarabjeet Kaur. The students were all halfhearted and the senior students of class 10th arranged a farewell party of Miss Kaur.

It was only 5 years spent on this school by Miss Kaur and she has become the favorite teacher of the school. Students with any issues either subject related matter or family issues use to go to Miss. Kaur and she being the magic wand to the school solved them within a click.

During the farewell day, all the students were asked to report the school auditorium at 11:00 am. The auditorium was well decorated with colorful flowers and papers and each paper were having the message for Miss. Kaur.

The function started with a group song and then the Miss. Kaur was given a floral welcome by the students. She along with the principal were called in the stage to cut a cake.

Then the principal of the school was called to share his views; he acknowledged how lucky he and the school was to get a teacher and a person like Miss Kaur.

Further, the mike was handed over to Miss Kaur, she had a trembling voice and was about to burst into tears. She with her flooded heart said how much she is going to miss the school and the children when she will be travelling abroad.

The motivated the students to study hard and secure a bright future. She even said every one to stay in touch through phone and social media. The students were also called to say something about ma’am. This created an emotional environment in the auditorium.

Lastly, students gifted a handmade card and a small gift to Miss Kaur. And Miss Kaur distributed cakes and chocolates among the children. The function ended on a sad note.    

So I hope you liked the report on the farewell function of a respected teacher, if you have any doubts regarding the structure or anything about report writing do let me know in the comment section.

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